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Friday, August 22, 2014 | 26 Shawwal 1435   

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I am totally frustrated with this company. I ordered from there in the past, and was happy with the items I received, but I ordered from there again this past October (2012) and have yet to receive anything - and it is now nearly the end of February, 2013. I have called twice, and Mia has told me that she never gets my emails, despite the fact that I have tried to contact her at a variety of her different email addresses. I am now resorting to this option. I would not order from this company again - unfortunately. I like to support my sisters who have made hijrah, but I cannot afford to send money and then receive nothing in return - not even updates as to what is going on. Beware!

I ordered 20 abayas from Islamic attire. Firstly, 2 abayas did not arrive with the order - and to date they have not refunded the money for them. 5 of the abayas were nice - but there were various problems with the rest. Either the stitching was bad, or the fabric patches used were different from the pictures shown on the website, or the necklines were cut too wide causing it to slip off the shoulder. The quality of the chiffon used was also not great. I would not have minded any of the above except that they refused to get back to me with regards to exchanging or refunding the items. I have sent almost 20 emails to them - but they have not responded. The fact that they would reply promptly before I paid, leads me to believe that they are now deliberately ignoring me. I am very upset as I spent almost $800 (including shipping, currency conversion and money transfer costs)... and all I have to show for it is a box of sub-standard abayas sitting in the corner of my room. I entered the transaction in good faith and am merely expecting a smidge of professional courtesy in the form of an email acknowledging my complaint and advising me as to whether I can exchange the abayas or get a refund. This is so sad considering that Islamic attire is meant to be dealing in Islamic wear...and yet has shown none of the business etiquette that a Muslim company should show!
I hope that no one else is as disapointed as I am...

Customer service is horrible. They never answer the phone, never return phone calls or reply to emails. I have not received my order. It has been almost a month. Supposedly my order has been shipped almost a week ago, but I was given an invalid tracking number, so I cannot track it to be sure. I left several messages and emails, but they do not answer me back. Is that how you conduct business? Shame on you.

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